Wednesday, October 27, 2010

more on youtube, this time in French

I recently cleaned up my Youtube channel by deleting several of my early uploads, including the video linked a few posts down. My "new" camera captures better video than the ipod nano by a long shot. The audio, somewhat less so (painfully wanting actually); however, listenable.

Here's a video from my Youtube channel, sung in French. It's a version of the Kate Fenner song, Salamandre. I hope you enjoy.

Edit: Hey, sorry if the full screen cannot be seen. Click on the video while it's playing and it should take you to the Youtube upload. Cheers

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lyon and Dinner at La Tassee

Lyon and Dinner at La Tassee

Before returning to Paris for our return flight to the states, we spent one night in Lyon, the second largest city in France. We left the sun behind in the Cotes du Rhone to find a light drizzle and clouds hanging over the old city, yet not enough to keep us from wandering from our hotel on Presqu'ile, the peninsular city between the Rhone and the Saone rivers. Below is a view of the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière from the Presqu'ile.

A view of the Saone.

We dined at La Tassee, a terrific restaurant just a short walk from our hotel on Rue Victor Hugo, just south of Place Bellecour.

Salade lyonnaise aux lardons et œuf mollet

a terrine de foie gras

We like Sancerre!

A vegetarian plate with perfectly executed vegetables!

Rabbit loin stuffed with kidney, crayfishes and tarragon, served with a sauce made of crayfish.

The cheese course with one of my favorites, epoisse.


A pretty building in a courtyard at the end of one of the Vieux cities' ancient, hidden passageways.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Tragectory

alternate directions

For some time now I’ve considered taking down this blog. My real life doesn’t require much of a cyber presence. Really I prefer to spend my hours in other pursuits. For the time being, however, it shall remain, if redirected. I may start posting about interests beyond those culinary. So don’t be too surprised when those pop up.


I still find my job rewarding in multiple ways. Let’s hope I can continue this indefinitely. Also, biggest news: we’re heading back to France. The last two weeks of May we’ll drive a smiley face across part of France beginning at Amboise then driving south through the Dordogne to Carcassone, then east to the Luberon near the town of St. Saturnin, and finally to Vaison La Romaine in the Cotes de Rhone. The trip should certainly provide some good blog fodder.


L’Albatros in University Circle is our new Cleveland area favorite. We dined there for the second occasion before going to see Pierre Boulez conduct Mahler at Severance Hall. Everything about the meal was good from the wine recommendations to how well and quickly they handled our request to switch tables, to the timing of the meal. We were even treated to a sampling of some really terrific cheeses at the end of the meal. I can recommend the cassoulet heartily. On this last visit, I tried the skate. I think a real test of a cook’s quality is how he/she handles fish. My skate was perfectly cooked. Kudos the line for their excellent execution. If you haven’t been, overall the food is simple, very tasty, well prepared and true to tradition. I seldom ask for more than that, but it’s a real joy when well delivered.

Enough for now. I have some other pursuits to attend.