Monday, December 17, 2007

What's been going on...

Want to build a restaurant?
I do. I've looked at a few properties since leaving my former post, one of which has caught my imagination. It meets a lot of my requirements: close to home, the right size, good location, room for outdoor dining, parking, etc. However, this place needs a huge amount of work, very costly work that other locations might not. Also, the kitchen work space is not well designed and is spread/divided between two floors. It's never a perfect world. While I'm not eager to continue the tradition, we chefs are famous for negotiating space restrictions. The status lingers in conversation loaded with intent, but no commitment on paper. I believe it is in my best interest to still consider other locations. Either way, without an agreement, I will refrain from posting details. When I negotiate a lease, whether in this location or somewhere else, I promise to chronicle the progress here.
Recent Activity
I should apologize for not updating the blog in three weeks! It's a failing common to the blogging world, I suppose. As my local contacts know, I've been helping my chef friend Doug Katz at Fire Food & Drink. I've done a couple of catering gigs with and for him. Also, I work the line during Sunday brunch. It's really enjoyable. Doug is a great guy and he has an amazing culinary staff--I mean that his cooks are very competent and knowledgeable. They are a pleasure. My wife and I enjoy dining at the restaurant. In fact, we haven't been out to eat in months, but have a reservation for Wednesday night (it's dinner and a movie night, the new Cohen brothers film is at Shaker Square).

What else? I've had a few successful catering gigs of my own. Also, I teach classes at the Viking Culinary Store a few times a month (upcoming class dates include December 22nd and 27th). Alas, I have not photographed much of my recent work. When you're putting out a dinner, serving nicely plated, hot food to paying clients and their guests supersedes the need to document. But what is a food blog without pictures, I ask you? So, here are some pictures from the 2007 Five Star Sensation event, a large event for the University Hospital Systems organized by Wolfgang Puck.
Five Star Sensation, Summer 2007
gee whiz, that's my name!
Tuna seared with Grains of Paradise, Slow Roasted Grape Tomato, Fava Bean Puree and Micro Anise Hyssop

Lobster Sausage with Baby Lettuce and some green sauce that I can't remember...sorry folks, most likely an herb based vinaigrette, could be tarragon or basil...

My help for the event.

I had to say hello to the man responsible.