Wednesday, October 17, 2007

History first and a view to the future

For the last six years...
Having reached the threshold of the second half of my life, I find myself charged with new liberty, hopes and dreams. I quit my job to embark upon the path of self employment, and so am understandably at peace and full of trepidations. Wish me bon chance!
For the last six years, I was the chef at Sans Souci, a Mediterranean restaurant in the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel specializing in the cuisine of Provence. It remains a great restaurant. I will upload some pictures from my tenure there in a little while. Being the chef of Sans Souci afforded me many wonderful opportunities, not the least of which was working with a talented staff for a beautiful dining room, putting good food on nice china. I intend to elaborate on a few of the many facets of that job. Now, however, I would like to introduce you to my recent endeavors!
Petit Soleil comes to life...
This past summer, as we do every year, my wife and I vacationed in Europe. This was our fourth trip to France, yet our first to Provence. We spent a week soaking up the sun and sights from our base camp, Hotel Regence, in Arles. I blame this trip (in part) for my recent life change. I returned to Cleveland and work with my head somewhere far across the Atlantic. I could still see the colors, and sense the heat, smells and tastes. The realities of day to day work diminished in importance to me. I sensed something greater for myself. And so I created Petit Soleil, a catering operation that allows me to work for myself, directly engaging clients and creating specialized, multi-course diners and events. A venture into which I can pour all my culinary passions and life experience. Moreover, it acts as a precursor to my restaurant plans, which I will describe here in future posts.
I must beg your forgiveness for my inexperience with writing a blog. There are too many things to say, yet I believe this format lends itself more to short entrees, not to directionless rambling (is that redundant?) or memoir style installments. So I will leave it at that for now. As soon as the site allows me to post a few pictures, I will. Thanks for stopping by.