Thursday, January 10, 2008

Petit Soleil The Restaurant News

moving forward in the new year
After little forward momentum at the end of '07, it's good to be back on track. I have visited a few locations, keeping an open mind. However, I have not found a location I like better than one on Larchmere Ave., near the corner of N. Moreland. I think I mentioned in a post below that the place (although I did not mention it's address) needs a daunting amount of work. Also, that the kitchen floor plan leaves much to be desired. Yet it remains the best spot for many reasons: an up and coming neighborhood with good restaurants; excellent parking; easy to find; was historically a fine restaurant remembered fondly by many; it's close to my home.
Here is an outline of what is scheduled for the near future: the architect will work on detailed plans; the owners, a development firm, will meet with contractors to determine the costs of a much needed renovation (not the cosmetic work, but ceilings, walls and bathrooms and the like); the owners will come back to me with a revised proposal; Ben takes his ideas and proposal to his attorney and the negotiations begin. We, the owners and myself, would like to have an agreement by mid February. While I am freshly optimistic in this new year, the remote and dusty pragmatic part of my mind tells me to expect the inevitable delays and possible stumbling blocks. Do these things ever move on schedule or as planned?
Future update posts will always be titled Petit Soleil The Restaurant News