Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Recent Press

...it's always a pleasant surprise to...

...get some press you didn't know was coming. After I got back from Baltimore, my friend Doug Katz called to confirm my shift for his Easter Sunday brunch. As an aside he mentioned reading about me again in one of the local weeklies. I'm always the last to know (because I don't pay proper attention). I quickly figured out where he saw the press and who wrote it. Elaine Cicora, food writer for Cleveland Scene Magazine, called me last week on other pretenses. She's planning a review of my former restaurant, Sans Souci, and it's current chef, the fabulous Anna Kim, who used to be my sous chef. Anna is awesome. Her promotion to my old job couldn't have been more appropriate. Check out her bio at the Sans Souci web page. Did I mention that Anna is awesome? Anway, Elaine and I chatted a while, catching up, mostly me talking about my plans and recent developments. Little did I know she would make a side bar of our conversation. I really should know better! Click here to read what Elaine wrote.

Just for fun, here's a pic of Chef Kim and Chef Fambrough at the 2006 Fab Food Show at the IX Center