Friday, March 28, 2008

Europe Travel Plans

...Europe, but not France...
No, not France, alas. Instead we fly to Prague for week... Prague, one of the cities where no allied bombs fell, an old city still in tact. D will be in a conference part of the time, leaving me to wander the city and surrounding area. We'll then go by train to Vienna, a city we fell in love with in 2005.
The traveler in Vienna.
We'll have just a day there, but it will be nice to walk the ringstrasse around the old city again. Then it's a night train to Venice. YEAH! Italy! A day or so there then it's off to Florence. We'll have a bit more than a week to explore Tuscany. I am very excited about this. Many people to whom I tell my love for France tell me that Italy is better. I will be venturing with extreme bias, but I know it's going to be simply wonderful. We'll be gone for half of the month of May. I'll be sure to post some food pictures when I get back.