Friday, April 25, 2008

Take a Step Back

Alright, now we're going to play everybody's favorite, fun game, Move Back. Now, when I tell you to take a step back, everybody take a step back, alright? Right. Ok, take a step back. And take another step back. And take yet another step back. And another; take a step back... Everybody feel better? What do you mean, "No" ?
(Bob Weir, Barton Hall, May 5th, 1977)
Today, I backed out of the Larchmere deal. There were several, mixed small and large factors that, combined, led me to revise my intentions. So...this sets me back at least one year. Big ouch. Still, with as much personal emotional and financial investment as such a venture takes, one should own and exercise one hundred percent commitment and conviction.
In related news, there is another property that I saw not long ago, which is an equally good, if not better, location. Of course, as things unfold and new opportunities present themselves, I will update here.
My trip to Europe begins in less than two weeks. We have only to reserve a car for traveling around Tuscany. Oh, and we found such a cool looking spot between Firenze and Sienna. Check it out: It will be our base for explorations when we give up the cities for the country.