Friday, July 11, 2008

Vixseboxse Art Gallery will remain open!

My possible future location for Petit Soleil is currently a well established, thriving art gallery called Vixseboxse. It seems there has been some incorrect and misleading information about their future spreading on the Internet, related, I am sure, to my intentions for Petit Soleil in this location. Please be aware that this highly successful business is not closing! They may close this location, but will remain an active business. It is certainly true that I myself have been misinformed and may have fostered this regrettable confusion.

Let me absolutely clear about two things: one, while I am moving forward as if all is settled, I am still waiting for a Letter of Intent from the owners (who are waiting on cost figures of their own). Two, and most importantly, Vixseboxse has not made any public announcement. They may close the location, but will not close as a business. If you should encounter information to the contrary, please correct it at every opportunity. Thank you! These are terrific people. I apologize to them for my responsibility in creating and contribution to the confusion and misinformation.